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This year the international business conference Green Ventures will be held in Germany for the eleventh time.

In 1998 the Service- und Beratungscenter (SBC) [Service and Advice Centre] of the IHK Potsdam ran its first business conference entitled Green Ventures. Originally conceived as a German-Scandinavian partnership forum, its final attendance figures boasted 93 companies from 13 countries. Given the positive feedback received, SBC Potsdam decided to continue Green Ventures. In 1999 the event focused on the subject of energy, with 142 firms from 15 nations taking part. In 2001 320 participants from 42 countries gathered in Potsdam, and in 2002 the city played host to 302 firms from 46 nations representing every continent.
Latin America was the partner region in 2007 - 27 companies came from there. Altogether over 3.000 firms from 86 nations have attended Green Ventures to date.

Green Ventures has been held outside Germany twice, in Shanghai, P. R. China - including under the umbrella of the European Commission's Asia-Invest programme.

The Green Ventures partnership forum is aimed at companies working in the following areas:

1. water, air & soil

Water and sewage treatment, distribution, planning and utilisation of water, regenerative processes, air and soil purification, explosive ordnance disposal, land remediation, prospection, land restoration.

2. energy and construction

Energy planning, recovery, distribution and conservation, renewable energy, heat generation, waste heat, insulation, ecofriendly and innovative construction, architecture, project planning, building methods and equipment, facility management, infrastructure (water and energy supply, etc), modernisation/ restoration, demolition/recycling.

3. recycling & regenerative materials

Waste collection, transport and recycling, composting, generating and using (new) materials from renewable raw materials or waste, biodegradable materials.

Companies are expected from the following countries:

Denmark, Italy, Poland, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Finland, CIS, Belgium, Tunisia, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany and more.